About CHIN 305 WKP (Business Chinese)

MWF 50 minutes’ class
T R Online component flexible time

This new format of the course will greatly cater to individual needs utilizing exciting new material. Used in combination with available language technologies, the online component of the course makes it possible to enhance real world experiences, emphasizing both communication and culture.

What will you learn?

  1. Daily conversational Chinese
  2. Contemporary usage of business Chinese (language)
  3. Chinese culture and customs understanding
  4. Prepare for working and living in China



  1. Applying for a job
    • CV preparation
    • Personal career development
    • Online job application
    • Job Interview
  2. Office work
    • Greetings and introduction
    • Message and agendas
    • Business meetings
  3. Business etiquette and expressions
    • Dining and banquets
    • Gift giving
  4.  Movie
    • Go La La Go!
  5. Case study:International companies in China
    • Coca cola

Please feel free to contact Meng Liu (mengliucox@gmail.com) with any questions or comments: