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Interesting video of how Chinese say “no”


CHIN WKP 305 Week 2 Extra credit (0.05)

cultural difference_Page_06

(1) Please talk about your opinion of this graph in Chinese and indicates whether this graph can indicates the reality that Asian people are more likely to hide their real emotions and thoughts and westerners are more likely to express their real emotions and thoughts directly. Please use anecdotes and examples to explain.  请用你自己的故事具体说明。(0.025 points)

(2) Please comment on at least one of your classmates respond and indicate whether you agree with him/her in Chinese. Please give your reasons whether you agree with him/her and please use examples and details to support your reasons. (0.025 points)

If you want to get this extra credit please submit your first response by Sept 4th midnight and comment on your classmates by Sept 7th midnight.