Week 3

Communication goals

  • Career development: Talk about dream job
  • 想一想: 什么是你理想的工作

一、Labor day: No class (9/7)

二、Online Activity: (9/8)

(1) Scenario:小张和小王是美国大学生,他们在谈论自己的理想工作




小王:我毕业以后,我想先去中国看看, 最理想的是去中国的跨国公司当项目主管。你呢?




(2) Scenario: You moved to China and now you are looking for a job in China

  • Register an account at http://www.dajie.com/home?f=nav
    • Please use your Chinese name
  • Finish filling out “我的档案”, including all the content in “档案资料”
  • Add me into your circle: please search 刘孟
  • 人脉评价: invite me to comment and evaluate you
  • 圈子信息:join into circles that relevant to your professional goals
  • Update your 联系方式

(3)Prepare for Quiz 2 (9/9)

三、找一个理想的工作 Part 1 (9/9)

四、Online activity: (9/10)

Recommended reading:



五、找一个理想的工作 Part 2 (9/11)

Quiz 2 中文简历

Week 3 Homework: (Due: Sept 14th before class)

  • Essay: My dream job


  1. 300 characters
  2. Use at least 10 new words that you have learned from this week. Please use text color “red” for the new words
  3. Format:  .doc(x) or .pdf
  4. Name: Last name+First Name +Chinese CV.

Please upload your essay here (Due: Sept 14th  before class)

  • Prepare for Quiz 3 找一个理想的工作

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