Week 9



Prepare for Second Written exam

一、2nd written exam复习:(10/19)

二、Online activity:(10/20)



  1. 苏珊的聚会是在那一天?
  2. 苏珊的朋友来到舅舅舅妈家做什么,他们想体验什么?
  3. 舅舅舅妈为什么说歪打正着(12:00)?

Please post your answer here

三、2nd written exam:(10/21)

四、Online Activity(10/22)



  1. 和你的文化比较,中国的亲属称谓复杂吗?
  2. 英文cousin包含了哪些中文的亲属称谓?
  3. 英文grandparents 包含了哪些中文的亲属称谓?
  4. 麦苗的舅舅为什么会觉得没面子?

Please post your answer here

五、Talking Business 4 (10/23)

Talking Business 4 guideline

  1. 10/19 上课以前,教Talking Business 4 的初稿(please specify roles and plot),please upload you file here
  2. 10/23下课以后,要交正式的Talking Business 4的稿子,or upload you file before Friday class
    • Requirement:
      • format: .doc(x) or .pdf
      • Name: Last name+First Name +Talking Business 4 Final version
      • Please upload your file here (Due: Oct.23 before class)


     Week 9 Homework

Final project

  • Requirement:
    • Option1:300 characters due; option 2: 100 + form your group
    • Format: .doc(x) or .pdf
    • Name: Last name+First Name +.Final project 300
    • Please upload your filehere (Due: Oct.26 before class)

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